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Information on my background and academic career

With a paper

Some papers may be accessed from the Publications webpage.

  1. Artistic Labor in Greece: Status, Policies, Perspectives. February 26-27, 2021. Organization: Facutly members of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Crete, and the University of Ioannina  (more...).

  2. Music – Aesthetics – Society (workshop in memory of prof. O. Psychopedis). Athens, November 23, 2018. Organization: Department of Music Studies, University of Athens (more...).

  1. Theory & Research in Journalism Studies
    Editors/Preface: Alexandros Baltzis, Andreas Veglis

  1. Kurt Blaukopf, Aims of the Sociology of Music (from German to Greek).
    This is a chapter from Kurt Blaukopf's Musik im Wandel der Gesellschaft (München/Zürich: Piper, 1982, ISBN: 3-492-02523-4; published also in English as Musical Life In A Changing Society: Aspects Of Musical Sociology, Amadeus Press, 1982). The changes of the artistic communication brought about by

  • Reviewer of the journal Music and Arts in Action (MAiA). Department of Sociology & Philosophy, The University of Exeter. ISSN: 1754-7105.

  • Member of the Editorial Review Board of the Scientific Journals International (ISSN 1556-6757) - section Communication & Media.

  • Member of the Advisory & Editorial Boards and webmaster (in collaboration with Dr. I. Foulias) of the peer-reviewed journal Musicology. Editor-in-Chief: