I supervise graduation theses on subjects related either to some of the specific courses I teach in the undergraduate or graduate program, or to the broader field "Sociology of the Arts and Mass Communication".

In any case, the suggested subject / topic / theme must concern the relation between the arts and the mass communication phenomena, the cultural (or creative) industries, the production or the consumption of culture seen in a sociological perspective.

The thesis may be:
  • Theoretical or empirical research, or a combination of both.
  • Presentation and critical analysis of a given approach (theoretical or methodological), or of a given work included in the specified fields.
  • Critical analysis and presentation of empirical research, related to the acceptable subjects.
  • Literature review of a given issue/topic/subject.
  • Empirical research (mainly, but not exclusively for graduate students).
  1. The successful examination on at least one of the elected courses on the broader field "Sociology of the Arts and Mass Communication" with a minimum grade of seven out of ten or - alternatively - an average at least of 6.5 in more than one courses of the field (for undergraduate students).
  2. The submission - after consultation and discussion - of a written proposal presenting briefly (up to 500 words):
    a) The subject of the thesis
    b) The main research questions related to the thesis
    c) Any thoughts and/or suggestions about the research method(s)
    d) Any previous experience on the subject or relevant projects
    e) A rough schedule of the project (it does not need to be detailed and accurate)

The exact title is specified in consultation with the supervisor. It is possible to submit more than one alternative proposals. Consultations and preliminary discussions are carried out regardless of the formal deadlines defined by the Secretariat and the Study Guide.