The undergraduate courses I teach in the School of Journalism and Mass Media Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are included in the "Mass Communication Studies" curriculum. My postgraduate courses were included in the curriculum "Communication and Culture" until 2018. In the new postgraduate programme "Communication", they are included in the curricula of Cultural Management & Communication and Communication Campaigns & Public and Audience Research.

In the webpages of the courses, you will find a general description for each course, information about its status in the curriculum, as well as about the suggested literature, the evaluation criteria and the methods of examination.


A. Undergraduate

––– Current ––––––––––
Cultural & Creative Industries (AMM0400)
Communication & Media Theory (AGE0700)
Quantitative Data Analysis (MM4100). In collaboration with N. Tsigilis
––– Deactivated ––––––-
Mass Communication and the Arts (ΜΜ0200)
Art and Globalization (ΜΜ1400)
Music and Mass Media (ΜΜ1500)
Music Industry and Culture (ΜΜ1600)

B. Postgraduate

––– Current ––––––––––
Cultures of Cultural Production and Consumption (EPD106)
Theoretical & Research Approaches of Publics and Audiences (EKOR100)
Applied Data Analysis (EPE202). In collaboration with N. Tsigilis
Sociology & Political Economy of the Arts (ΥΘΚΠΟΤ2)
––– Deactivated ––––––-
New Technologies and Cultural Organizations (E204). In collaboration with G. Kalliris and P. Tsarchopoulos
Psychology of Cultural Consumption & Consumer Behaviour (E210). In collaboration with M. Manolika
SPSS for Beginners (K109). Optional seminar for postgraduate and PhD students

C. International (Erasmus+, Erasmus International)

––– Deactivated ––––––-
Cultural & Creative Industries (IP3600). In collaboration with N. Dallas
Globalization and the Arts (IP1100)
Psychology and its Applications in Cultural Consumption (IP4400). In collaboration with M. Manolika


Details about the next exams, dates, subjects etc. you will find in the announcements page (provided that the exam dates have been announced).