Here you can find information on the courses I teach, the graduation theses I supervise, and on the essay guidelines.

The undergraduate courses I teach in the School of Journalism and Mass Media Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are included in the "Mass Communication Studies" curriculum. My postgraduate courses were included in the curriculum "Communication and Culture" until 2018. In the new postgraduate programme "Communication", they are included in the curricula of Cultural Management & Communication and Communication Campaigns & Public and Audience Research.

I supervise graduation theses on subjects related either to some of the specific courses I teach in the undergraduate or graduate program, or to the broader field "Sociology of the Arts and Mass Communication".

Essays are submitted only at https://elearning.auth.gr/. They should be written in Word (page size A4 with 2.5cm margins at each side of the text and line spacing at least 1.15). The text should be fully justified and the main text font size should be 11pt or 12pt.