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  1. 2019: Critical Theory in the New Conditions of Cultural Production [ Abstract ]
  2. 2019: Individual Differences in Music Listener Motivations: The Neglected Values
    (M. Manolika, A. Baltzis, A. Gardikiotis)Abstract ]

  1. 2017: Unmaking Culture through Austerity: Effects of Material Deprivation on Visual Artists
    (A. Baltzis, N. Tsigilis) [ Abstract ]
  2. 2017: Visual Artists and the Austerity Effects on Cultural Work

In press / in review

The Social and Historical Nature of Music Consciousness as a Type of Artistic Consciousness.

A collection of studies prepared and distributed for the course "Philosophy of Music - Historical Introduction". The major part of the studies is original and it was developed according to the course syllabus.