Editors: Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock, Alexandros Baltzis.
Thessaloniki: University Studio Press, 2006.
ISBN: 960-12-1571-6.



The process of European integration raises several questions about the contribution of the mass media - "traditional" and new alike. In the domain of the mass communication innovation is not only technological or economic. It is social, political and cultural as well. From this point of view innovations represent at the same time challenges.

Author: John Walker

Translation: Haido Papavassiliou, Peny Fylaktaki
Editor: Alexandros Baltzis
Thessaloniki: University Studio Press, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-12-1928-8



Can the fine arts survive in an age of mass media? If so, in what forms and to what purpose? And can radical art still play a critical role in today's divided world? These are some of the challenging questions addressed in this thoroughly revised, updated and expanded edition of Art in the Age of Mass Media.

Editors/Preface: Alexandros Baltzis, Andreas Veglis

Peer reviewed journal Communication Issues (Zitimata Epikinonias)
Athens: University Research Institute of Applied Communication (Faculty of Communication & Media Studies, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens) / Kastaniotis Publications
ISSN: 1790-0824



The journal Communication Issues presents this special issue on journalism as a subject of scholarly research, systematic study and analysis with the hope that the term "journalism studies" will eventually be established in Greece as well, in the sense found in the international literature. It is essential