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Editors/Preface: Alexandros Baltzis, Andreas Veglis

Peer reviewed journal Communication Issues (Zitimata Epikinonias)
Athens: University Research Institute of Applied Communication (Faculty of Communication & Media Studies, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens) / Kastaniotis Publications
ISSN: 1790-0824



The journal Communication Issues presents this special issue on journalism as a subject of scholarly research, systematic study and analysis with the hope that the term "journalism studies" will eventually be established in Greece as well, in the sense found in the international literature. It is essential journalism studies to include more than just training in the "technical" details of the daily practice in the newsrooms (regardless of the form in which they operate nowadays), especially at a time during which a broader trend to substitute knowledge for information, training for education, and finally the "mechanical" application of "technocratic" formulas for critical thinking, is intensified.

The fields presented and discussed in the articles of this special issue include:
  • education in journalism,
  • online journalism in its traditional and new forms,
  • international journalism
  • analysis of journalistic discourse
  • opinion journalism and criticism

The issue includes also articles on e-governance and on the importance of communication policy in crisis management, book reviews and a brief guide of the literature on journalism studies published in Greece.



Preface by the special issue editors [ Abstract ]
Alexandros Baltzis, Andreas Veglis

Journalism Studies in a Mess Media World [ Abstract ]
Georgios Terzis
Journalism Studies in Greece and Europe [ Abstract ]
Antonis Skamnakis
Internet and Journalism: Traditional and Alternative Forms [ Abstract ]
Eugenia Siapera, Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
The Foreign and International News in the Post-National World: The Challenge of the "Global Perspective" [ Abstract ]
Christos A. Fragkonikolopoulos
The Language of Greek Journalism: Research Findings and Desiderata [ Abstract ]
Periklis Politis
Reviewing the Arts: the Theatre Critic as Journalist [ Abstract ]
Zoi Ververopoulou
Brief (and indicative) literature guide

RSMM (Research & Studies on the Mass Media)
Ε-Government and E-Governance: An Attempt to Clarify the Terminological Confusion [ Abstract ]
Evangelos Liotzis
The Significance of the Communications Strategy in Crisis Management: A Comparative Study of The Shipwrecks of The Boats "Samina Express" and "Sea Diamond" [ Abstract ]
Ioanna Kostarella

Book Reviews
Biographical notes
Abstracts in English