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Alexandros Baltzis, Andreas Veglis

Article in the peer-reviewed journal:
Zitimata Epikinonias (Communication Issues), issue 8/2008, pp. 121-141
Athens: University Research Institute of Applied Communication - Faculty of Communication & Media Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Kastaniotis Publisher
ISSN 1790-0824



This article analyses seventeen cases of empirical research on interactivity in websites, as well as several measurement models, the theoretical background of the construct and its importance in the new context for the production, distribution and reception of symbolic forms. Focusing on musicians' personal websites, a model for measuring and evaluating interactivity is introduced, thus filling a gap in the web studies. The suggested model may be used to test the hypotheses that the internet might lead to decentralization of the communication, to reverse markets and to disintermediation, i.e. to the emancipation and enhancement of the communication through various forms of art. It might also be used in web design, for evaluating websites, and as a methodological basis to develop research in fields other than the interaction between musicians and their audiences.