Athanasia Karastoyanni, Panayotis Spiliopoulos, Nikolaos Tsigilis, Alexandros Baltzis

Contemporary & Alternative Models for the Development of the Sports Industry
20th Conference on Sport Management & Recreation
Hellenic Scientific Association For Sports Management & Recreation (HSASMR)
School of Physical Education & Sports Science (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece)
Laboratory of Management of Sports, Recreation & Tourism
Thessaloniki, January 24-26, 2020



The paper presents the results of empirical research to determine the degree and extent to which sports editors, in their capacity as news gatekeepers, use the information provided by the public relations departments of basketball corporations (BSAs) based in Attica. The research explored how and to what extent this provision of information influences the agenda of the sports media (and therefore the public). The instrument employed to collect qualitative data was the individual in-depth interview. Four journalists and two media managers working in sports media and basketball corporations based in Attica participated in the research.

The results show that the two sides have a fragile symbiotic relationship of interdependence, which is rather superficial. This relationship is often shaken by mistrust and problems, resulting mainly from the functional needs and interests of the sports corporations. In conclusion, basketball corporations in Attica significantly determine the daily agenda of the respective sports media.