Alexandros Baltzis, Theodor Ikonomu

In Power - Violence - Pain, Vol. 1, pp. 341-355
Editor: Klimis Navridis
Proceedings of the international conference on the same subject
Athens: Kastaniotis, 2002



This chapter presents and discusses the findings of an empirical research on certain functions of printed media discourse. The research concerned the reproduction and cultivation of value systems, of representations and stereotypes connected with the appearance of conditions that favor the development of symbolic violence. This study elaborates and enhances the concept of symbolic violence, developed by P. Bourdieu, giving emphasis - inter alia - to some of the mass media functions in the immigrant-receiving societies.

A part of the findings from the sample analysis of printed media discourse concern the components of the so called neo-racism or cultural racism that is based on the argument of "cultural inferiority", "barbarity" and consequently on the stereotype about the "others" as dangerous. At the same time, the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the findings with the method of critical discourse analysis (adapted to this research and enhanced) showed - at least for the time period included in the research - the small degree of the in-group readiness to hear and respect - and not just tolerate - the discourse and the existence of the "others".