Exam session: Winter semester 2018-2019
Mass Communication and the Arts (MM0200)
(For students on graduation only)
Exam date: Thursday, February 2, 2017
Room: Computer Lab (5th floor)
Hours: 11:00-13:00
Required readings:
a) John Walker: Art in the Age of Mass Media. Thessaloniki: University Studio Press, 2010 (Introduction, Chapters 1-6, until p. 200).
b) Nikolas Vernikos et al. - eds. (2005): Cultural Industries. Processes, Services, Goods. Athens: Kritiki. Chapters:
  1. Alexandra Bounia: "Museums as Cultural Industries: Issues and Questions - A Preliminary Discussion" (pp. 39-58).
  2. Filimon Badimaroudis, Irini Pitsaki: "The Greek Book Industry" (pp. 109-125).
  3. Nikos Boubaris: "The Music Industry in Transition" (pp. 225-247).

ATTENTION: To take the exam, the course must have been included in the student's statement of the current semester courses. It is important to take the mock test as many times as possible to familiarize yourself with the exam system.