Maria Manolika, Alexandros Baltzis, Antonis Gardikiotis

Empirical Studies of the Arts, 39(1), 17–35 [2021]
DOI: 10.1177/0276237419868952



Considerable research on music psychology indicates correlations between musical preferences and individual differences in personality, between the various uses of music and personality traits, and between musical preferences and personal values. However, the association between personal values and the multiple ways in which music is used has not been considered yet.

To investigate this issue, 400 participants completed a self-report questionnaire comprising the uses of music, personality traits, and personal values, as well as provided their demographic details.

The hierarchical regression analyses revealed that both personality and personal values along with gender contribute differentially to predicting the different ways in which music is used. Overall, these findings suggest that the understanding of the ways in which listeners experience music can be improved by contemplating various individual difference variables.